Club 151 – Founded June 04, 1956

Skål International is an International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals. Membership is voluntary and open to travel and tourism professionals in managerial positions who qualify according to the regulations of Skål International. Skål is about Friendship and Amicale — and also about ‘Doing Business with Friends’.

The simple Objectives of the Skål Movement are as follows:

  • To develop friendship and common purpose between personnel in the travel and tourism industry.

  • To foster goodwill and mutual understanding worldwide through international tourism and travel.

  • To encourage and assist in the professional development of all but especially the young people working in, or training for, the travel and tourism industry.

By accepting membership in Skål International, travel and tourism professionals undertake to work towards the achievement of the Mission, Principles, Objectives, and Purpose of Skål International as outlined in our Statutes and Bylaws.

Skål International Toronto, the Toronto Club has active, associate and life members. To assess your qualifications for membership in Skål.

In addition, you can contact the Membership Chairpersons for information on an Application to Skål International Toronto. We all live by this outstanding Skål Toast,

Happiness, Good Health, Friendship, Long Life — Skål.